Blue Canyon Capital understands that selling a business is an emotional process. Businesses are products of years, and often times decades, of hard work. We want to ensure owners that the continued success of their business is our number one priority. As such, we support decisions designed to support the long term success of the company. Therefore, retaining the current employees and corporate culture is imperative to a smooth transition. Blue Canyon will not cut headcount to decrease cost and "create value".

We also understand that a long drawn out sales process puts significant stress on employees and the organization. We have access to substantial capital that will enable us to consummate transactions quickly and professionally.

We are not interested in flipping companies. We will manage the firm for long term growth, profitability and durability.  

We can tailor transaction financings to accommodate seller lifestyle and tax planning needs, and we thoughtfully consider seller preferences regarding ongoing ownership stakes and/or continued employment.

Lastly, any shared information or discussions are held in strict confidence.